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In 1995, Kukuipuka 'Ohana rediscovered this sacred Heiau (Hawaiian temple) in Kahakuloa, Maui.  Kukuipuka

continues to inspire many, as it is a place of prayer, prophecy, peace and healing.  In service to aloha, every second Saturday of each month we share the cleaning and upkeep of this sacred site.


A heiau is a Hawaiian temple and so much more. It is a designated place for the practice of prayer and at Kukuipuka for healing. Proper respect should be shown at all times. 

  • Silence is appreciated

  • Enter barefoot (if gentle for each person) - suggestion

  • Kīhei – cloak or garment worn in ceremonies

  • Ho’okupu (offerings) are not required. Your silent prayers or chants are an offering in itself. If you would like to make a Ho’okupu to Kukuipuka, the simple rule is to bring items that are natural, such as flowers, water, plants, leis, ferns or other greenery.   

  • Food/snacks allowed on the outside walls of the heiau

  • No dogs or pets at Kukuipuka Heiau (Service pets allowed)

  • Rocks Sacred – Please sit on the grass/ground, leave rocks unmarked

  • Ahu/altar – Please leave center where ‘ili ‘ili (small smooth stones) undisturbed

  • Please note: Celebrations of Life/Death, please contact us for ceremony and protocols

  • If anything you remember, please DO NOT sit, kneel, stand, carve, dig, mark , or move any of the rock and wall structures!

Driving Directions Kukuipuka (same as Waihee Ridge Trail): Go 4.4 miles to Mendes Ranch – 3530 Kahekili Hwy, turn left on road directly across from Mendes Ranch that goes to Camp Maluhia & Waihe’e Ridge Trail. Follow this road past turn off for Camp Maluhia to end of road. Turn right and park in paved lot for Waihe’e Ridge Trail. Walk back up to turn stile next to the drive in gate. Walk makai (towards the ocean) toward heiau. When you get to the end of the dirt road, walk down the hill and across to the gate to the heiau.

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